I’m a middle-aged silver fox, which is the melanistic form of the red fox Vulpes vulpes. I am a part of the furry fandom and have been since 2021, though I was also heavily involved with it back in the late 90s/early 00s. Also, my first name is pronounced “Yo-hahn-ess”.

I currently identify as bisexual/biromantic and my pronouns are he/him; I am married with two children. I’ve had an IT career for over 20 years, mostly as a Linux systems administrator. I’ve always loved computers and technology and have been working with them since my childhood. I’ve been playing video games since then as well, and love retro and retro style games. I listen to a lot of music, mostly jazz, metal, and classical, along with several points in between.

I also enjoy travel, fine dining, playing chess, working out/weightlifting, hiking, contemplative walks and keeping myself sane.

On this blog, I’m primarily going to write about technology, furry, and queer topics but also fitness, music, gaming, politics, and whatever else I might feel like writing about at the moment.

My social media, contact information, and RSS feed can be found in the links on the other side of this page on desktop and at the top on mobile.

I have shaded and unshaded refsheets available.

The image below is a piece of art that I identify with quite strongly. It will have to suffice, for now, in lieu of any further information here.

alt text